AGORA — Advanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithms

  • AGORA enhances your existing SCADA/EMS system
  • Uses real-time data for fast and reliable information
  • Faster and more reliable restoration solutions
  • Optimize investment through accurate planning and risk analysis

What is AGORA

  • Is a twenty-first century Energy Management System solution.
  • Based on a breakthrough innovation algorithm to solve the load flow equations, it is the must have tool for companies embracing the latest technologies.
  • Supports engineers and operators with tools that facilitate the management of the ever-changing grid and its assets.
  • Distribution grids are growing and creating flow behavior in unpredictable ways. AGORA helps to manage the electrical assets of smart grids.

Imagine a monitoring system that lets you know precisely what’s going on within your network, all the time, instantly and accurately. Imagine a restoration tool so effective, it can cut recovery time in half. Imagine a planning tool that brings you closer to real-world answers than you ever thought possible. Okay, now stop imagining. AGORA is here.

AGORA works so well, precisely because it works so differently.

Unlike the industry-standard solutions based on Newton-Raphson algorithms, AGORA employs non-iterative mathematics to arrive to unequivocal solutions all the time; even as systems approach collapse. The result is a set of tools so robust, they will keep you informed of the precise state of your network, even under the most difficult circumstances.