Phase II of the STTR research project for NASA

EQ KIDS, a subsidiary company of Grupo AIA´s in the U.S., has been awarded the Phase II of a NASA STTR research project.  EQKIDS will be the prime contractor, while Case Western Reserve University will be the research institution.  Elequant will be subcontracted for several parts of this project.

This is the fifth project Grupo AIA has developed for NASA since 2014. It has successfully completed four previous STTR and SBIR research projects. All these developments have been addressed to the automation of power grids distribution and management in aerospace aircraft and bases.

In this second phase, Grupo AIA will incorporate the data gathered by thermal and electric sensors and match them with the physical modeling of the system executed in Phase I through Deep Learning techniques. This is a further step towards power grids total automation in which smart algorithms will be able to make decisions on voltage correction, power collapse, overheating, etc…).

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