Corporate Overview

EleQuant Inc. delivers unique, accurate and reliable network analysis tools to the electric power industry, for both real-time and off-line environments.

EleQuant belongs to Group AIA, whose original first company AIA is an Information technology and software engineering firm based in Barcelona, Spain. From the outset, Group AIA has met the expectations of the market and has solved extremely complex problems within the industry and the business world by developing state-of-the-art technology. Its software is based on techniques for classification, prediction, optimization, simulation, artificial intelligence and Big Data techniques, which are currently experiencing rapid and constant change. The permanent goal of Grupo AIA is to build Algorithms for a Better World and transform information into useful knowledge, supporting decision making at every operational and management levels.

Group AIA has accomplished the transfer of basic science: Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Artificial Intelligence to its goal Markets: Energy, Banking, Healthcare and Telecoms. It has solved common complex problems with solutions applied crossing industries’ boundaries through new methods and algorithms.

The Group is known throughout Europe for its innovative solutions for the energy sector, working at diverse levels: real-time support tools for intelligent monitoring and management of electrical grids, demand forecasting (electricity and gas), renewable generation forecasting, electricity market prices forecasting, models for electricity markets analysis, hydro generation optimization as well as forefront R&D.

Grupo AIA has developed a revolutionary new system, AGORA (Advanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithms), for real-time intelligent monitoring and operation of electrical grids. It is based on a new proprietary (non-iterative) power-flow method, HELM™, which provides reliable and unequivocal results both under normal operations and under disturbances, even in the vicinity of voltage collapse. This level of performance is currently unattainable with any other solution available on the market today.

Grupo AIA has also developed an off-line simulation and analysis tool for transmission and distribution, HELM™-Flow, built for planning engineers’ offline studies, also based on the HELM method.

EleQuant Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grupo AIA based in San Francisco, CA. EleQuant is the official distributor of AGORA and HELM™-Flow in the US and Canada.