Technical Features


Sigma plots allow users to quickly assess the electrical state of the network, and easily locate problems in very large networks.

HELM™ -Flow provides the following functionalities:

    • A completely new way of approaching and solving the power-flow problem.
    • A US-patented[1] power-flow algorithm that provides reliable and unequivocal results, thanks to its constructive and deterministic nature.
    • Provides a quick qualitative assessment of the electrical state of the network, via unique, patent-pending Sigma Plots.
    • Allows analysis even for completely infeasible cases, for which there is no actual solution.
    • The method has been field-tested for over 15+ years as part of an industry-proven suite of EMS applications (AGORA).
    • Standard modeling capabilities, compatible with industry-standard analysis products (Siemens PSS®/E and GE PSLF).
    • Very intuitive and user-friendly GUI
    • Extensive selection of user-friendly network diagrams, charts, and table data sheets for easy navigation throughout the network.
    • Computation of P-V and Q-V curves accurately up to the point of collapse, without requiring costly continuation methods.
    • Additional power-flow tools specifically designed for diagnostic purposes.  Automated diagnostics on the model, such as checks for conflicting controls, abnormal parameters, or data consistency errors.
    • Scripting capabilities: most activities in HELM™-Flow can be automated via an easy-to-use scripting language.

[1] US Patents Nos. 7519506, 7979239.