Built for the professional utility planner, HELM™-Flow is a simulation and analysis tool for power flow studies in transmission and distribution grids. It delivers fast, accurate, and unequivocal solutions, since it is based on an innovative and unique methodology for solving the power flow equations.

At the core of HELM™-Flow is the novel power-flow engine based on the Holomorphic Embedding Load-flow Method (HELM™). To find out more about HELM, please visit our technology page.


Network diagram in HELM™-Flow

HELM™-Flow provides the following benefits:

No more uncertainties related to “convergence problems”. A new and unique constructive, non-iterative power flow method that gives mathematical guarantees that no other numerical iterative method can provide: if the case is feasible, the method yields the correct operating solution (i.e. the most desirable steady-state of the power sytem); conversely, if the case is infeasible, the method detects such condition—reliably.
New tools and a layered approach for simplified analysis, deconstruction, and optimization of cases, in a fraction of time compared to traditional tools.
Very intuitive and friendly GUI. Enhanced visualizations allow users to quickly identify and assess the grid model and its electrical state.
Performs power-flow computations in large cases, with over 80,000 nodes. Computation of accurate P-V/Q-V curves, even near the point of collapse. Reliable Contingency Analysis, without having to worry about convergence issues. Unique Sigma plots for a rapid visual assessment of the electrical state of the system, and for quickly locating problems in large networks.
The software is up and running in minutes. It uses industry-standard file formats for data import and export, which makes it a perfect companion to existing tools.