• Endesa is an Enel Group company
  • Electric service to 11 million people
  • 21,069 MW of installed capacity
  • 317,675 km of distribution and transmission networks.

New load flow technology made the difference for Fecsa-Endesa, Spain.

“With this technology we can monitor the state of the lines in real-time. Operators can easily adapt the graphic interface to visualize the Network from an overall perspective down to the specific details of an individual switch. Now, accurate estimation of the electrical network in real-time is always available, with 99.9% accuracy (convergence).

Our new system gives us fast and flexible simulations. Its tools let us study the viability of Network plans quickly and easily. In addition it calculates stable scenarios with minimal losses in the network.”

—Josep Ballart, Senior Director of Network Operations Fecsa-Endesa, Spain

* Endesa is a client of Grupo AIA’s, EleQuant’s parent company in Barcelona, Spain. Grupo AIA is the developer of the AGORA technology.

Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)

  • Dominant electricity company in Mexico
  • 40.5 million customers
  • 54,852 MW of installed capacity
  • More than 880,000 km of distribution and transmission networks.

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