Regina Llopis Rivas
President, CEO and Co-Founder of EleQuant and Group AIA.  

Dr. Regina Llopis is the co-founder, investor, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada, S.L. since 1988 and EleQuant, Inc. since 2001. She leads strategy and expansion activities of all the group technology driven companies in the Software Consultancy and Engineering in IT arena, providing complex problems solutions to mainly the Energy, Banking, Telecom and Health Industries. She has a total of 42 years of experience: eleven in academia and 31 in industry.

Dr. Llopis holds a BS in Mathematics (with High Honors and Honors in Maths) from the University of Maryland and a PhD in Applied Mathematics in Artificial Intelligence from University of California at Berkeley.

As CEO, Dr. Llopis leads AIA and EleQuant in their central task of converting data and information into useful knowledge for clients’ decision making processes. An entrepreneur by nature, she has made Group AIA a showcase for efficiently and effectively transferring basic science to industry. She has led the creation of an intellectual property (IP) portfolio and the establishment of subsidiaries in the US, Mexico and India.

Dr. Llopis serves as a Board member for numerous companies and organizations, including EleQuant, the European Indian Chamber of Commerce (EICC), the Barcelona Institute for Entrepreneurship (University of Barcelona) and the International Women Forum of Spain.

Antoni Trias Bonet
R&D Vice President and Co-Founder of EleQuant and Group AIA.

Dr. Trias is the principal inventor of the HELM™ method and the driving force behind its application to electrical power systems. He has a total of 35 years of experience, 11 in academia and 26 in industry. After 11 outstanding years in academia where he created a PhD program in Physics and led research that resulted in more than 50 scientific publications in prestigious journals, Dr. Trias transitioned his career efforts to transferring basic science to the most pressing needs of industry. He co-founded Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada, S.L. (AIA) and EleQuant, Inc., where he is the Vice President of R&D, leading a team developing advanced algorithms for application to commercial market needs.

Dr. Trias holds a BS in Physics (with High Honors) from the University of Barcelona and a PhD in Particle Physics from UAB in Barcelona. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley Lab and a Visiting Professor invited by Nobel Prize Dr. C. N. Yang at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, State University of NY at Stony Brook. At the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Dr. Trias performed research on loop representation of Yang-Mills theories. Dr. Trias is the author of more than 50 publications in prestigious journals in physics.

Dr. Trias now leads AIA’s and EleQuant’s R&D efforts and is responsible for innovation strategies and initiatives. His algorithmic inventions have been incorporated into several commercial software applications, with the active collaboration of the rest of the R&D members. In particular, his HELM load flow algorithm is a break-through innovation (Patents Nos. 7519506, 7979239, and 8849614), and the key algorithmic engine powering AGORA (Advanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithms), a commercial EMS system for real-time operation of power grids. He also holds nine US patents in the music industry, related to music classification and recommendation. Other important algorithms developed by Dr. Trias include: first and second generation Expert Systems applied to railway operations; optimization of hydraulic generation in complex river basins; a supervised learning algorithm (EVA) for learning expert classification criteria through binary comparisons; a hierarchical clustering method (ADAN) derived from classical field theory ideas in physics; a new general forecasting method combining phase state deterministic evolution, neural network learning, and symbolic artificial intelligence techniques; a conceptual development and implementation of Intelligent Observation Systems, a successful paradigm for the observation and intelligent interpretation of data; and a game-theoretical predictive model for the Spanish day-ahead electricity market.