Technical Information

  • AGORA can be easily deployed; it is typically up and running in real time within three months time. Then there is usually training and joint work with AIA for specific issues on any grid (configuration and customization).
  • AGORA is complementary with other EMS/SCADA, bringing new functions to the operation and planning personnel. Deployment is NON-INTRUSIVE.
  • AGORA can be easily integrated with existing SCADA/EMS systems. AGORA will require analog and digital telemetry snapshots every few seconds, along with alarms data. Proven experience in quick and painless integration with: ABB Network Manager; ESCA/AREVA T&D; Siemens EMPROS; Siemens SINAUT.
  • Standard hardware (three systems: MAIN, BACKUP, SIMULATION) with Unix-based operating systems connected in a high-availability fail-over architecture.
  • The reliability improvement gives the team of engineers and system operators a higher confidence in their everyday work minimizing risks at large. The operators can double check their intended actions with the Load Flow in real-time, right before executing them.
  • The real time simulator using the new Load Flow, supports the operators with proposed solutions which could otherwise take hours to find by exploration. This will certainly make the AGORA system the operator best friend.
  • Example of acquisition process; due to uniqueness of the AGORA technology, the largest AGORA system deployment nationwide in Mexico has been done under the form of SOLE PROVIDER (Direct Acquisition).

AGORA Real-Time Monitoring System (Basic Components)

  • Preprocessors and Communication
  • Network topology and connectivity
  • State Estimator
  • Load Flow
  • Alarms / Equipment availability *

AGORA Monitoring System (Independent Options)

  • Disturbance Recognition Module
  • Voltage Out-of Limits / Overload Solving Module
  • Reporting Module
  • On-Line Simulation Module

AGORA Restoration System Modules (Interdependent Components)

  • Restoration Plan Generation, by zone, black start
  • Review Module for Restoration Plan
  • Alternative Plan / Plan Editor

AGORA Complementary System Options

  • Optimal Power Flow (OPF)
  • Registering of Historical Network Snapshots
  • Hierarchical Restoration
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Contingency Analysis
  • Load Forecast
  • P-V and Q-V online curves
  • Module for exporting State Estimator snapshots in GE and PTI format **
  • Hot Backup System Operation

To know more about how algorithms inside AGORA work, visit the Technology section.

* This is the only module of the Basic License not installed in the EVALUATION/TEST Installation mode.

** GE and PTI are trademarks standing for General Electric and Power Technology Inc.